Alonissos! Nikos Klavdianos


The only fi ne island in the world where you can
go wherever you like,
however you like…
(not) I, not I, went every day; I almost lived
there!… Above all, up in the village, where, in an
alley, I had a beloved… cat. It was family, and
family of my own beloved … cat…
Every day we talked together about all the
interesting things in the Universe, for all that in
the winter the island, and especially the village, is
… deserted! And, too, I hadn’t been there for years.
But no … Some remain… Really … the best-loved
people of our age. A Dream!…
And dreams, in however… small a place
(geographically) they happen, so much the more
massive their truth.
And that is exactly how even reality is cancelled.
Alonnisos. Abundance and fulfi lment.
The intertextuality of … Just one! Something rare

Nikos Klavdianos

Trans. Simon Darragh.